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Why be basic when you can be unique! 

  We are a company that provides wearable art. We have “One of a Kind” handmade feather, glass bead, and crystal earrings. All silver finish earwings come with stainless steel ear wires unless they are already silver-plated, and we offer the option to select silver-plated ear wires. We use silver-plated and stainless steel findings. All our gold finish earwings come with 14K gold-plated ear wires. We also offer the option to add more feathers or to change the feather color. We include a jewelry cleaning sheet, a tarnish resistant tab, tarnish resistant packaging and all earrings come with back stoppers. Discloser notice: our model wears generic ear hooks, ear wires, posts, lever backs or hoops. We replace them with brand new stainless-steel, silver-plated, and gold-plated ear hooks, ear wires, posts, lever back and hoops after pictures are taken. 
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 Please know I have taken every opportunity in my life to grow, healing physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually. I am sharing this with you not to make you feel bad but instead to offer you hope when you feel hopeless. I remember that feeling very well. Please understand that this is 22+ years with this terrible condition. I have studied myself and my body to get to this point. I still can't run or use an elliptical because it causes pain. I also struggle walking the neighborhood because the impact of walking on the sidewalk has caused painful problems with my disability. In studying myself I am learning what I can and cannot do. I went from not being able to stand or walk, being bedridden and wheelchair bound, feeling hopeless, crying and stressing that things wouldn't get better, to being 300lbs, to aquatic therapy learning to walk again, to walking, to swimming, to gardening, then down 140lbs naturally, to no more pharmaceutical medications starting in October 2017, to ingesting Medical Marijuana pills at bedtime only, to turning my hobby into an online business, to gaining 70lbs, to losing 35lbs and now I feel like a completely different person. I should be proud!! I know this is not transformation Tuesday but how about Survivor Sunday. I was in a very hopeless situation, thinking things would never get better and even if I got the pain under control, I still had ALL this weight. I never thought I was going to get myself back. Well, I didn't!! I found a better happier me and I am still improving!! Being proud of myself has never been a feeling I accepted easily but I am learning to accept it and feel proud of how far I have actually come. I am a warrior with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in 3 limbs!!I have come SO far, not where I want to be but definitely not where I use to be. I remember the day I decided to change my life. I didn't believe I was going to be able to do it, the weight 300lbs, I carried seemed overwhelming. I was able to lose 140lbs naturally over 3–4-year period. I did it that way because first I had limited mobility and because I didn’t want lose skin. Now I know myself well enough to know that when I put my mind on a goal, I can accomplish it!! I gained back 70lbs over a 2-year period, Covid quarantine. In June I went to the doctor for a physical and was told my cholesterol was high and she wanted to put me on Statins. I refused and instead choose to get back on top of my health. I am down 35lbs since mid-June 2022 and rejoined the gym in August but what's most important to me is that I can visibly see the changes in the shape of my body. I have finally found a routine that in almost 3 months at the gym is showing huge results. I lift weights and end with a 20-minute walk. I use do a 30 to 45 min walk before I did a few weights, it seemed like I was constantly battling myself. I appreciate the Facebook memories because I need to remind myself sometimes how far I have come and that I better believe in myself because there is proof. If I could bring hope to just 1 person let alone inspire 1 person who either suffers from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or is overweight, I am successful and don't need money or fame. To help someone be successful in life is more fulfilling than either of those. I appreciate all of my followers and supporters!! Blessed wishes to You ALL! Again, please send me all the positivity and blessings you can to achieve my current goals. Here are some pictures of my struggles and accomplishments.
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